The Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies

PITA is the voice of the information, communication, technology and startup companies in Palestine. Our reach is global, and we invite you to connect with our community. Come discover the world of opportunities awaiting you in Palestine today.

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Ramallah: The Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies “PITA”held a meeting today with the Fund for the Development of Quality of Higher Education in Palestine. This meeting comes to discuss … Read More

Gaza: The Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies (PITA) held a meeting with Ms.Yulia, representing the World Bank and the PITA team at the headquarters of the Union in Gaza, … Read More

Ramallah :JICA Palestine office organized a workshop on Monday Feb 18th to all representatives of Private Sector Coordination Council to introduce the mechanism of CEAPAD “Conference on Cooperation among East … Read More

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PITA Strategy

PITA works in four ICT areas, and can provide the following services

Training and Consulting

PITA needs to lobby NGO’s (local and international) to coordinate their activities with PITA. PITA currently has not been sufficiently engaged with ICT projects providing services to the sector in Gaza.


PITA should work to change policies and laws. Example, Investment encouragement law cannot be applied on ICT investment due to the low investment cost of such businesses


PITA to advocate with local NGO’s to overlook the certificate of origin which cannot be provided at the moment as most of the equipment in Gaza are brought through the tunnels from Egypt.


Re-build PITA image to stand on equal distance from all. Work on up lifting PITA image and work on putting PITA back as an address for the ICT private sector.