PITA Members Initiatives – Corona Crisis


PITA Members Initiatives – Corona Crisis

The Palestinian Information Association Technology of Companies – PITA aims to develop the ICT sector and promote its products, services and initiatives. The country is going through a difficult storm that pushes us to achieve our utmost and to be always in the front row and prove that the ICT sector is the leader of other sectors. PITA’s members are doing their best to provide their optimum help by creating services and initiatives that could help the Palestinian people to get through this crisis.

Thus we are pleased to share with you some of these services that were perfectly designed to help you in this critical time – the corona epidemic – hoping that they might help you and facilitate your work and your daily life.

Click Here for Initiatives: http://home.pita.ps/…/uploads/2020/04/Initiatives-PITAs-Mem…

We pray this issue will be solved soon and nothing we could do but to work together and to take a one-man stand and to be at the forefront in overcoming this crisis and its implications.

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