Call for Roster of Subject Experts – Tech Savvy program


Call for Roster of Subject Experts – Tech Savvy program

Call for Roster of Subject Experts – Tech Savvy program

Tech-Savvy ICT Youth Employment program

Invites eligible local and international experts/trainers to register their profile

The Tech-Savvy program is establishing a roster of Subject Experts to conduct technical training modules for graduates in computer science and computer engineering.
The specialized technical training will be provided within the framework of the “Develop Palestinian Tech-Savvy Workforce Program” which aims to support unemployed Palestinian IT graduates to get jobs by upskilling to better meet the need of local and international job requirements.

The program consists of job-specific soft and technical skills training, internships & job placement and mentoring services to be later hired in an entry or mid-level tech roles.
Tech- Savvy program recognizes the importance of identifying experts who have the necessary experience, technical capacity, and interpersonal skills to contribute effectively to the implementation of the training cohorts and access to employment.
The Consultants will be selected from the roster and retained when the Tech-Savvy program determines it needs specific subject expertise in relation to its work.

The Tech-Savvy program is interested in receiving applications from candidates in the following training areas of expertise:
• Python for programming
• React front-end development
• Quality Assurance (QA) • Low code platform for (building applications and business automation)

Placement on the roster does not guarantee employment or any other related engagement with the Tech-Savvy program.
All interested candidates must complete the online application form, and attach:
Their profile and portfolio reflecting the relevant experience.

The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023.
An internal Selection Committee, chaired by PITA will prepare a shortlist of candidates.
Those who will be selected as fully suitable will be put on a reserve list with a validity of one year, renewable once.

For further information about the program, please contact the following Email: Phone number: 0595457817

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