Preparations for launching “Expotech 2012”


Preparations for launching “Expotech 2012”

RAMALLAH – The Palestinian Information Systems Association (PITA) announced today that it has increased the pace of preparations for launching the Palestine Technology Week (Expotech 2012), under the patronage of the Palestinian Telecommunications Group Paltel.

The week will begin on October 6 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and will be held for the ninth consecutive year. ExpoTech 2012 represents the new vision of innovation and creativity in regional and global knowledge culture.

The Palestine Technology Week will focus on five main events, each of which is of importance and status: a technological conference to discuss the reality of the IT industry in Palestine and ways of integrating it with the global market. The conference will also discuss topics such as cloud computing, innovation and others. Presented to the projects of universities, modern companies, and entrepreneurs as well as offering services and products to different exhibitors.

It will also host special workshops and seminars where Xpotech will receive many multinational companies such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco and SAP. Their participation will add quality to the benefit of the technology sector in Palestine.

This week, Palestine Technology Week seeks to shed light on the Palestinian pioneering and creative initiatives in the field of technology by organizing the Technological Forum for Entrepreneurs.

The 2012 guidance panel is making great efforts to organize the week at the highest levels. The Board includes: Beta Chairman Hassan Qasim, Beta CEO Abeer Hazboun, President of A-Connect Tech Firas Nasr, Technopal CEO Anas Shehadeh, General Manager of Integrated Solutions Company Saeed Zidan And the co-founder of Sadaf Technology Development Company Mohammed Al-Afranji and the Director of Sabri Computer Systems Khaled Sabri and the representative of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Fluoride Zorba.

 In cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Federation of Information Systems Companies is working with the Ministry of Civil Affairs to issue the necessary permits for the participation of Arab and international delegations participating in the week, as well as coordination with the Ministry of National Economy and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. In addition to international participation, arrangements are being made for the participation of delegations and companies from the Palestinian interior.

Information Technology Week (EXPOTEC 2012) is witnessing the emergence of new sectors such as education and universities, hardware, software, start-ups and entrepreneurs, as well as the government sector. On the sidelines of the week, a specialized exhibition will be held to sell products and solutions related to the field of ICT.

The aim of the week is to strengthen the technology sector in Palestine and to benefit from the global experience involved, as well as exchanging experiences among all participants, spreading knowledge culture and building new partnerships.

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