Interview with the president of PITA


Interview with the president of PITA

Ramallah – Hassan Qasem, Chairman of the Palestinian Information Systems Association (BITA), said today that the federation is making great efforts these days in preparation for the launching of the Palestinian Technology Week “Expotech 2012” on October 6 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Sponsorship of President Mahmoud Abbas, which is being organized for the ninth consecutive year.

Qassim pointed out that Expotech 2012 represents the new vision to encourage innovation and creativity in the knowledge culture regionally and globally, pointing out that the Union aims to organize a distinguished economic, technical and educational event at a level commensurate with the progress made in the technology sector in Palestine.

Qassem said: “What distinguishes Expotech in its ninth year is that it is based on our experience in previous years and we have documented it so that there is a guide and mechanism for organizing the event.”

Distinguished attendance

Qassim pointed out that the Union coordinates with the Ministries of Communications and Information Technology, the national economy, academic institutions and the private sector to organize a distinguished demonstration in addition to communication with our people from the Palestinians of the 48 and Diaspora who will have a distinguished presence this year, noting that the long-standing international and regional companies will participate in the conference From Jordan and the Arabian Gulf, in addition to the participation of Palestinians from Latin America and the United States.

He added: “We are in partnership and continue with many parties. What distinguishes this partnership is that it brings together the Federation and other private sector institutions, led by the Palestinian Telecommunications Group as the main sponsor of this event, as well as the Ministries of Communications and Information Technology and the national economy. “He said.

Qassem pointed out that the Union focuses on making the information technology sector an essential lever for the Palestinian economy in general and that “Expotech” is an annual title for information technology in Palestine. The conference also includes an educational aspect through organizing lectures for specialists from abroad to inform the audience of the latest developments. Technology will also be lecturing these specialists in seminars organized in Palestinian universities.

Attracting international companies

As for the main objectives of Expotech 2012, Kassem said: “Through this conference and exhibition, we aim to achieve other objectives of connecting technology workers from outside Palestine, whether Palestinians or friends of Palestine, to support this trend by supporting these groups to attend the conference. “We are in close contact with business people in the Gulf, Jordan, Europe, the United States and Latin America.”

“Every year, we are trying to attract more international companies working in the field of technology to connect them with local companies, and we are seeking through the exhibition and conference to create a competitive market for our companies in foreign markets because of the small size of the Palestinian market.”

There is no difference between the West Bank and Gaza

 Qassim stressed that the Union works as a unit in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which is far from divisive, pointing out that the organization “Expotech 2012” in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in full communication and that any program carried out by the Union does not differentiate between the West Bank and Gaza at all.

This year, businessmen and IT workers from the Gaza Strip are expected to participate in the event.

In terms of economic situation, Qasim did not hide that the difficult economic conditions in Palestine affect all sectors, including the information technology sector, especially the companies operating in the local market. He stressed that the Union seeks to penetrate the regional and international markets so that our companies, And programs only on the domestic market.

“This week we focused on inviting the workers in this sector from abroad to participate in it, whether they are Palestinians or otherwise, to demonstrate the ability of these companies and graduates to work in order to open economic markets. In case of economic weakness, Sectors, this is part of the Palestinian investment to open markets, so economic weakness should not be deflation and self-containment, but must work to open new markets. ”

Signing agreements

As for universities and information technology graduates, Kassem revealed that the Union is conducting studies with the Palestinian Telecommunications Group, the Palestine Investment Fund, PADICO Holding and a number of donors in order to create programs for graduate students to enter the labor market. And “Picti” with many Palestinian universities to work jointly and to support the graduation projects distinctive.

The Palestine Technology Week will focus on five main events, each of which is of importance and status: a technological conference to discuss the reality of the IT industry in Palestine and ways of integrating it with the global market. The conference will also discuss topics such as cloud computing, innovation and others. Presented to the projects of universities, modern companies, and entrepreneurs as well as offering services and products to different exhibitors. This week, Palestine Technology Week seeks to shed light on the Palestinian pioneering and creative initiatives in the field of technology by organizing the Technological Forum for Entrepreneurs.

Share new sectors

The technological week of Expotech 2012 is witnessing the emergence of new sectors such as education and universities, the hardware sector, the software sector, the emerging and entrepreneurial sectors, and the government sector. On the sidelines of the week, a specialized exhibition will be held to sell products and solutions related to the field of ICT.

The Palestine Week will be organized

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