Meeting of the General Assembly of the Federation of Information Systems Companies


Meeting of the General Assembly of the Federation of Information Systems Companies

Ramallah – Gaza
The General Assembly of the Federation of Information Systems Companies – Pita held its ordinary general meeting. The meeting was attended by companies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Dr. Hatem Sarhan and Etqan Law Association and Al-Wafaa Auditors Association.
The meeting was opened by Dr. Yahya Al-Salqan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the current Federation, with a speech welcoming all attendees. The agenda for this year was reviewed and a special item was added to the agenda after the General Assembly vote on adding it. The two sides discussed the establishment of the union by the end of this year He led the Union in the course of the work of the ICT sector and the race was in many programs and projects that serve the sector and serve the country in general, and one of the most important achievements of the Union is the continuation of the Union to provide services to both the West Bank and Gaza Strip for twenty years And the continuation of the activities of the Palestine Technology Week, which continued annually. This event will complete its career for this year to be its fifteenth year, and is considered as the platform for elevating the issues of the sector to the priorities of the various official bodies . He spoke about the achievements of the Union over the past years. He also talked about the role of the Union in improving the environment related to the development and growth of companies, the most important of which is the cancellation of the tax rate of 7%. The income tax is reduced to 15% for telecommunications companies and Internet service providers. Incentives to encourage investment by the Authority for the telecommunications sector and information technology will be part of the Union committees that approve the mechanics of labor standards and benefit from the stimulus package. In addition to the continuation of the Federation to provide strategic services such as capacity building for companies and their professional staff, and the continuation of the Union to try to open new markets through its large contribution last year in the 1% project which aims to open cooperation with the market in the United Kingdom, in addition to the cooperation agreement signed by the Union with each of The Palestine Foundation for a Palestinian Economy, which will contribute significantly to help companies enter the US market and is scheduled to receive a commercial mission in this regard by the end of next month, and other cooperation agreement was blocked with the Ministry of Labor to open more opportunities for the rehabilitation and employment of charity He also called on all partners and members to support and participate in the new solution, which will be launched at the end of September, and then reviewed The report was read out by Mr. Khaled Sabri, a member of the Board of Directors. The financial report was read out by Mr. Musa Abu Dayya from Al Wafa Audit Company. The members of the two companies approved the reports and the Board of Directors was discharged for the year ended. Duck Sarhan War to the importance of strengthening the role of the members of the Union and to further enhance the contribution of members to assist in the wider Union and its sustainability, and noted the importance that the EU seeks to strengthen the cycle in terms of technology and communications sector and the rest of the economic levels rather.
The participants discussed all the proposals that support and emphasize the unity of the Union and the mobilization of all members towards strengthening its role. The two sides concluded by thanking all the participating members and thanked the executive staff and all the partners. And supporters.

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