Palestine Technology Week “Expotech 2012”


Palestine Technology Week “Expotech 2012”

Ramallah – The Palestine Technology Week (EXPOTEC 2012), which opens next week, will attract international experts and speakers to the conference. This will give the international character of the week and contribute to the recognition of international experiences in the field of technology and open the way for Palestinian companies and initiators to develop their businesses and projects. Palestine with the world scene.

Speaking at the leading conference, Denise Jaco, who created 6 companies, he established a leading non-profit organization in 2009 to help small and medium enterprises grow and reach the world. The Foundation is working on finding solutions to help entrepreneurs find the sources of funding and networking needed to succeed. Dennis Jaco seeks to help young entrepreneurs discover the important role they play in building their society based on standards of respect, hard work, ambition, success and continuity.

“The young leader must be proud and open to new ideas and differences, because the leaders are equal and do not differentiate between race, color, sex or even religion,” says Jaco.

Marcelo Diaz Bon, Chile, who has extensive experience in teaching leadership skills and how to use them. Diaz Bonn has a wide and world-class record of building entrepreneurial groups, the process of building institutions from scratch, serving business and medium-sized companies, and designing and building a group of startups and companies.

Public relations expert Alan Fincrantz, who has more than 30 years of public relations experience and harnesses the service of technology and startups, stands out to promote their vision and stories to media, analysts and opinion leaders. He worked with technology companies to help them promote personal computers, send and receive information via mobile networks, computer networks, opening the world’s first Internet cafes, creating computer protection programs, and developing channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others.

The expert, who is the owner of “Communication Cultures” and is active in this area in terms of training and consulting in the cultural management sector, is participating. Brockle has worked in many multinational companies in Europe and the USA. And contributed through its work in developing multicultural marketing strategies.

The World Bank’s Information and Communication Technology Unit (SII), which focuses on policy and operational work with the Bank’s Asia, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries, and its areas of specialization include e-government and ICT for industry development. He has co-authored various publications on ICT for development. Prior to joining the World Bank, he spent about 10 years in the private sector, working in business development, consulting and implementing IT projects for multi-national clients in Asia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from the University of London and an MA in International Development from the American University.

The week will begin on the 6th of October in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and organized by

Palestinian Information Systems Association “Beta” for the ninth consecutive year under the patronage of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas.

The week is organized under the patronage of PALTEL Group, sponsored by the Bank of Palestine and supported by USAID, Bronze Sponsor Cisco, Technology Sponsor, Hadraa Technology Company, Coolnet New Communications Services Company, Mada, and Media Coverage of Jordanian and Satellite Vision Palestine Media Focus, Digital Jerusalem, Design and Animation Sponsor Studio Dragon FX, Official Sponsor of Protection and Control Technobal, Sponsor of Insurance Policy, Insurance, as well as members of the membership of the beta of the Jordanian company management systems, business, agencies JBS and educational sponsor of the Union Net take care of my book. The week will also be organized in partnership with the GIZ Private Sector Development Program, funded by the German Ministry of Economic Development (BMZ), AFD, BCI, Mercy Corps, Partners for Sustainable Development and the Palestine for New Beginning Foundation in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy.

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