A memorandum of understanding and cooperation between PITA and the PCS


A memorandum of understanding and cooperation between PITA and the PCS

Ramallah: A memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies –PITA and the Palestinian Computer Society (PCS) has been signed

During an important and pivotal meeting of the Information Technology Sector in Palestine, a memorandum of understanding and cooperation was signed today between the Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies –PITA and the Palestinian Computer Society, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PITA, Mr. Saeed  Zidan and the Chairman of the Palestinian Computer Society Dr. Radwan Tahboub and Dr. Musa Erfaya from the Board of Directors.

It was signed at the Society’s headquarters in the Technological Park of Hebron Municipality.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Director of the Technological Park Eng. Ibrahim Al-Sharif, as well as members of representatives of some companies and the Palestinian Computer Society.

Dr. Radwan Tahboub welcomed Mr. Saeed  Zaidan and expressed the interest of the President and members of the Palestinian Computer Society and the participating guests to work in partnership with several institutions in order to improve together the information technology sector in Palestine.

Mr. Said explained the importance of development on both local and national levels and the importance of community participation, encouraging cooperation with the Palestinian Computer Society. He also highlighted the importance of the efforts exerted by PITA to promote this vital sector in partnership with other sectors in Palestine.

Dr. Tahboub during his speech pointed to the vision and mission of the association and its importance to develop a professional and entrepreneurial society that promote sustainable development plans for the advancement of this sector and its employees, contribute to the development of their capabilities, follow up their interests and aspirations, organize their work and profession, and exchange scientific and knowledge through joint programs, activities and projects with all local and international institutions to achieve the objectives of the Association for the development of local and global competition.

For his part, Mr. Said Zaidan said that the Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies –PITA represents more than 158 working companies in the field of information technology and communication, which is one of the most important emerging and nascent companies in Palestine. Since its founding in Ramallah in 1999 by a group of Palestinian businessmen who have participated in the vision of establishing a non-profit organization that is concerned with the interests of the Palestinian ICT sector, PITA has emphasized the positive societal impact achieved by this sector. In the promotion of the interests and role of the ICT sector in Palestine and stressed the importance of participating in the development and follow-up partnerships with various institutions operating in this sector.

This was expressed by the director of the Technological Park. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sherif and board member Dr. Musa Arfaia expressed the importance of this agreement and stressed that the Association and PITA and the technological parks in Palestine will remain supportive and contribute to the hard work and participate in the success of such partnerships.

In order to support the society and its activities, the Society was honored to register Mr. Saeed  Zaidan as an active member, and joint work was emphasized in the interest of the IT sector.

The meeting was concluded by signing the agreement between the participating parties.

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