Al-Najah University organizes a training workshop for its students entitled (Skills from Google)


Al-Najah University organizes a training workshop for its students entitled (Skills from Google)

The Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies (PITA), in collaboration with the Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Korean-Palestinian Institute at An-Najah University, organized a training workshop entitled “Maharat Min Google” in partnership with Google MENA – Dubai DIC, Held at the College of Law Stadium on the new campus.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Mona Al-Dumeidi, supervisor of the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at the university. The training was carried out by Mr. Ameed Awwad, an expert in the field of e-marketing and skills from Google. More than 170 university students from different colleges and disciplines participated,

And the presence of technology companies in the North and a number of members of the administrative and teaching bodies at the university

The workshop contributes to raising the capabilities of students from different disciplines, and it’s important for various sectors and fields, even entrepreneurship and private business.

The workshop dealt with several main topics: Internet opportunity, how e-growth leads to the development of opportunities, changing marketing from product marketing to solutions to problems, and how technology affects business.

The workshop also dealt with the difference between old and modern marketing and basic marketing concepts.

The workshop was interactive by the students. The trainer Awwad used interactive communication, discussion, questions and brainstorming with the students participating in the workshop.

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