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Gaza : In the framework of empowering women in the  ICT  sector  and  reducing the  barriers and  challenges  that  prevent  them  from gaining access to and participation in the digital … Read More

Gaza: Board of Directors received the D. Ahmed Abdel-Aal, Director of Erasmus Project at the University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza. During the meeting, they discussed the details of … Read More

Ramallah :The Continuing Education and Community Services Center at QOU signed a partnership agreement with Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies (PITA) , Palestinian Banking Institute and Intertek Company to … Read More

Gaza : The Coordination Council for Private Sector Institutions in the Gaza Strip called  on t he  government  of  Hamadullah  to  implement emergency economic and social development programs to save … Read More

RAMALLAH : The palestine Information Systems Associatin (Pita) has called for the postponement of the implementation of the Social Security Law in order to preserve civil peace. The Union reiterated … Read More

Gaza : The Palestinian Information Systems Association  (Pita)  held a closing meeting to discuss ITIL outcomes , a global standard for   best practices in IT services management , where targeting … Read More

Gaza :  The Palestinian Information  Systems Association – ( Pita )  meets with a high level delegation  from the British Council  and a group of representatives of  the technology sector … Read More

Gaza: A delegation from the German Development Agency (GIZ) met with Pita to discuss ways to enhance the role of women in using technology to support a better scientific and … Read More

GAZA : Pita  launched o n  Saturday , 13/10/2018, a training  course within the ICT Competitiveness  Support Plan , funded by the German Development  Agency , a course in ITIL … Read More

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