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A panel discussion on global market penetration and export of software was held between a high-level delegation from the German Development Agency , ,Pita is represented on the Board of … Read More

Ramallah – Gaza
The General Assembly of the Federation of Information Systems Companies – Pita held its ordinary general meeting. The meeting was attended by companies in the West Bank and … Read More

  Meet between PITA and representatives of the Ministry of Labor from the Department of Public Relations and International Relations to discuss the prospects for employment and the exchange of … Read More

A meeting was held between Pita and ACTED  to  discuss the  ICT  sector  and digital  integration mechanisms for   different  sectors. In which pita contributions as a reference point for the … Read More

Gaza : A meeting  was  held between  the  representatives  of  the  private sector federations and the members  of  the  Technical  and Technical Employment Council with the Agency German … Read More

I met The Steering Committee of the project to develop the skills and knowledge of IT graduates to adapt to the needs of the labor market funded by the World … Read More

Gaza :
I met The Steering Committee for the project to develop opportunities for IT graduates in the free labor market and software export, funded by the World Bank, with a … Read More

A workshop to present and discuss the outcomes of the study of the needs of the labor market in the field of information technology, which was held through the project … Read More

Gaza: A senior World Bank delegation visited the Gaza office of Pita to discuss proposals for intervention in the projects
And opportunities to develop ways of working for young people through … Read More

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