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A meeting was held between Pita and ACTED  to  discuss the  ICT  sector  and digital  integration mechanisms for   different  sectors. In which pita contributions as a reference point for the … Read More

Gaza : A meeting  was  held between  the  representatives  of  the  private sector federations and the members  of  the  Technical  and Technical Employment Council with the Agency German … Read More

I met The Steering Committee of the project to develop the skills and knowledge of IT graduates to adapt to the needs of the labor market funded by the World … Read More

Gaza :
I met The Steering Committee for the project to develop opportunities for IT graduates in the free labor market and software export, funded by the World Bank, with a … Read More

A workshop to present and discuss the outcomes of the study of the needs of the labor market in the field of information technology, which was held through the project … Read More

Gaza: A senior World Bank delegation visited the Gaza office of Pita to discuss proposals for intervention in the projects
And opportunities to develop ways of working for young people through … Read More

A meeting was held between the Information Systems Union (PITA) and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The digitization program and the Palestinian Information … Read More

The meeting was attended by the current members of the board of directors of the union, former board members and a number of the permanent partners of the union. They … Read More

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