Devoted to develop ICT sector in palestine

Committees of PITA are comprised of PITA dedicated members that are specialized in certain aspects of the ICT sector. These committees are devoted to the development of the sector by offering specialized consultancy and following up with different stakeholders in the Palestinian economy.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Every member company must be represented by one person. This person should be the company's representative in the association.

2. Every member can participate in a maximum of two committees.

3. For each committee, a coordinator from the executive team is assigned to handle relevant liaisons.

4. Every committee chooses its own president/deicision maker.

5. The committee's president is responsible for checking the attendance of members in every meeting.

6. Membership in one committee will be suspended if the committee member misses three consecutive meetings without revealing a reasonable excuse.

7. A certain committee organizes one meeting every month, any time when needed, and/or when requested by members.

8. Activities of one committee will be freezed if no meetings were held in the past 4 months. Furthermore, activities and responsibilities of the committee will be investigated and re-examined.

List of Committees:
1. Expotech Committee:
- Rana Elhussieni, Utopia for Training & IT Solutions
- Dawood AlSahili, Business Alliance
- Walaa Marmash, Fratello Software House
- Mahmoud Aliwa, pdx for information Technology
- Anas Shehadeh, Technopal
- Khalil Saleem, developers plus
- Khaled Sabri, Sabri for Computers
- Islam Tawil, Jerusalem Technology
- Abdallah Altahrawi ,PICTI
- Suhaila Elayan, PICTI
- Linda Najam, Call u
2. Telecom Committee:
- Hikmat Daqqa, Ericson Radio Systems Aktiebolaget
- Amjad Ghosheh, Mada
- Inrahim Kharman, Paltel
- Adel Dweik, Zaytona
- Hani Al Alami, Coolnet
- Khaled Abu Hasna, Fusion
- Osama Abu Zbeideh, Orange Technologies
- Hussam Dofash, Madar
- Muafaq Abu Ghazaleh, Superlink
- Mohannad Hijjawi, Spark
- Tamer Baransi, BCI
- Yahya Al Salqan,
- Amjad Al Osaily, Wataniya Mobile
- Mustafa Hassan, Hulul
- Raed Elayyan, CallU
- Qais Salhut, 2i
3. Diaspora Committee:
- Dr. Izzedin Za'ool, E Gate
- Saeed Zeidan, Ultimit
- Tareq Al Saqqa, Alsaqqa Home Appliances
- Murad Tahboub, Asal Technologies
- Tareq Maayah, Exalt Technologies
- Mustafa Hassan, Hulul
- Aref Hanaysheh, iConnect
- Qais Salhut, 2i
4. Software Committee:
- Mohammed Fsifes,HexaCIT
- ramez al-saqqa,Shite ICT
- Aref Hanaysheh,iConnect Technologies
- Fwaz al Alami,Sidata
- Mostafa Dalloul,Shift ict
- Hussam El Kurd,Rozn
- Mohanad Shurrab ,MAF for Consultations
- Nahed Eid,Effects
- Tarek M. Eslim,ALTARIQ Systems & Projects
- Dr .Alaa Mabhouh ,New Solutions
- Moeen Mohammed Zamelat,Tweet
- Murad Tahboub,Asal Technologies
- Taysir Jabir Shakliya,Inspire IT Solutions
- Abdullah Al-Sharif,New line
- Osama Abu Hasan,Atyaf
5. Tenders Committee:
- Ismail Al Shaer, Digital Zone
- Hussam Dofash, Madar
- Allam Tubilah, Manaranet
- Muhana Manasrah
- Tareq Al Saqqa, Alsaqqa Home Appliances
- Mohammed Tobasu, Edisco
- Munif Sbaih, Computer Media Center
- Mohammed Thawabi, Globaltec for Training & Computers
- Khaled Sabri, Sabri for Computers
- Ashraf Demaidi, Mass
- Amin Musleh, MABCO
6. Bylaws Committee:
- Fawaz Al Alami, sidata
- Mohammed Al Alami, Future Information Systems
- Yahya Al Salqan,
- Ala Alaeddin, Intertech
- Majed Bakeer, Galaxy Information Systems
- Majed Jaffal, MaDeK
- Jamil Daher, OFFTEC
- Ahmad Al Farra, PALINVEST
- Ashraf Al Yazoori, Vision Plus
- Tareq Maayah, Exalt Technologies
- Hassan Kassem, Dimensions
- Mohammed Betwai, Al Andalus
7. Hardware Committee:
- Islam Taweel, Jerusalem Technology
- Mohammed Tamimi, BCI
- Munif Subeih,computer media center cmc
-Haitham Al-Amassi,MagicTech Center
- Khaled Sabri, Sabri for Computers
- Ibrahim Jaffal, Al Jaffal Group
-Tamer Baransi ,BCI
-Ahmad Abu Alaoun,PC Word
-Mahmoud Aliwa,PDX
-Anas Shehadeh,Technopal
8. PICTI (Palestinian Information and Communication Technology Incubator) Committee:
- Murad Tahboub, Asal Technologies
- Majed Bakeer, Galaxy
- Ahmad Al Farra, PALINVEST
- Mohannad Hijjawi, Spark
- Hassan Kassem, Dimensions
- Hussam Dweikat, Isra
- Michelle Quffe, Bisan
- Tariq Eslim, AlTariq Systems & Projects
- Mohammed Betawi, Al Andalus
- Ali Taha, Art Technologies
9. Training Committee:
- Sulaiman Attari, Headway Academy.
- Amjad Dissi, Infinity
- Ashraf Al Yazouri, Vision Plus
- Mustafa Salameh, Experts
10. Social Committee:
- Amin Herzallah,Galaxy
- Ibrahim Jaffal ,Jaffal Group
- Mohammed Al Khezendar, Utopia
- Ahmad Abu Alaoun, PC Word
- Dawood Alsahili,Business Alliance.
11. ISPs Committee:
-Adel Dwaik,Zaytona Telecomunication
-Amjad Ghosheh,Mada
-Khaled Abu Hasna,Fusion for Internet services and Telecommunication systems
-Ibrahim Kharman,Paltel
-Osama Abo Zebida,Orange
-Usaid Shanti,Hadara
-Mansour Habaibeh,BCI BNET
11. • Startups:
- Rana Husseini,Utopia
- Tarek M. Eslim,ALTARIQ Systems & Projects
- Hussam El Kurd,Rozn
- Haitham Al-Amassi,MagicTech
- Khaled Abu Hasna,Fusion for Internet services and Telecommunication systems
- Aref Hanaysheh,iConnect Technologies
- Munif Subeih,computer media center cmc
- Yasir El-A’alem,Digital Zone
- Muhannad Zalloum,Synergy
- Kamal ratrout,Paltel
- Maher Kamel,Development experts
- Moeen Mohammed Zamelat,Tweet Tech
- Maher Shbeir,Development experts
- Anas Shehadeh,Technopal
- Dawood Alsahili,Business Alliance
- Taysir Jabir ShaQalaih,Inspire IT Solutions
- Abdullah Yousif Al Shareef,Newline Tech
- Nadia Sabana,Global Path Group