Conclusion of the technological camp -EXPOTECH 2018


Conclusion of the technological camp -EXPOTECH 2018

Palestine information technology association (Pita), in partnership with the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Gaza, and the Ministry of Education – West Gaza Directorate, concluded the technical camp Techcamp during the Palestinian Technology Week – Experotech 2018, which was held over three days.

The closing ceremony was attended by Mahmoud Al-Haddawi, the academic representative representing the university’s president, Ayman al-Alul, administrative and financial vice president, Khuloud al-Batsh, dean of the faculty of computer science and information technology, Nahid Eid, vice chairman of the Information Systems Alliance, and Lina Shamia Regional Director -Gaza, Salim Public Relations Manager at Bank of Palestine.

The camp was targeted by a group of high school students who are affiliated with 11 distinguished secondary schools in the Gaza Strip. The students were trained by a group of students and teachers. The technological camp provided an opportunity to communicate and exchange skills and knowledge among technical experts and students, targeting more than 50 students. Of 11 high schools.

Participants were trained in five areas (photography, film editing, image processing and design, animation, motion graphics, web programming).

Al-Batsh stressed that the camp was an opportunity to refine the student’s personality with a practical experience that opens up new horizons by introducing him to a developed world outside the walls of his school, noting that it is also a great opportunity for university students to invest their skills during their university studies.

In turn, she expressed the importance of sharing and networking between different experiences of mutual benefit, especially between the academic sector and the private sector and the importance of the role of universities in developing the academic product, which graduates to suit the trends of the local and international labor market in coordination with the needs of the markets.

The Ministry of Education, represented by Ayman Al-Aklouk, thanked the University of Gaza for its initiative to participate in the activities of Expotech 2018 and its interest in the students of the software clubs, where they previously participated in honoring them at the end of their annual exhibition.

While Nahed Eid praised the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Gaza organized by this technological camp with distinctive ideas.

The closing ceremony included technical paragraphs and the handing over of certificates of appreciation and gifts presented by Bank of Palestine to the winning teams. Their projects included: “The field of photography and film editing, won by the female group, the field of image processing and design won by the student group, Field of Mushroom Graphic won by the group of students “

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