Fast Facts

Here’s some facts and statistics about ICT companies in Palestine

  • There are approximately 250 ICT companies in Palestine.
  • PITA Represents over 150 Palestinian ICT sectors.
  • As of 2007 year end, the ICT sector contributed about 10-12% of the Palestinian GDP.
  • ICT Sector has a market size of around $500 million.
  • PITA works in four pillars: policy, sector branding, entrepreneurship and startup development, and human capital.
  • PITA Publishes a newsletter and Digital Palestine which provide a lot of information on the Palestinian ICT Sector.
  • Your membership in PITA guarantees you excellent opportunities for marketing and development.
  • By advertizing in PITA’s IT Magazine, you can reach thousands of industry suppliers, potential joint ventures and affiliated IT organizations.
  • PITA can fulfill all your capacity building needs through its business development training programs.
  • If you’re a Palestinian ICT company properly registered with the Ministry of National Economy, you can immediately become a member and enjoy all the exclusive features.


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