You qualify to join PITA if:

  • Your company is registered at the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy
  • Your company is ICT related
  • Your company is locally established in Palestine

PITA is the voice of the information, communication, technology and startup companies in Palestine. Our reach is global, and we invite you to connect with our community. Come discover the world of opportunities awaiting you in Palestine today.

How to Join Us: Three Easy Options

Process of Your Application

  • After submitting your full application you will see a Submission Success page.
  • Your application will take up to 5 working days to get approvals from the Board of Directors of PITA.
  • A USD 900.00 fees will be requested as one time registration fees, which will be reduced to a USD 400.00 annually; membership fees.

You will receive a success email with the full details of your Special Account access info: USERNAME and PASSWORD, where you will be able to login as a member and edit your special  profile as PITA member.

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