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Gaza: A workshop on Business Modeling was held in the workshops of the project to promote innovation in information technology curricula in Palestinian universities. The workshop was presented by Dr. Sami Abu Shammala, business development consultant, and there was a distinguished presence of academics and representatives of the private sector.


Gaza:In collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Pita and PICTI organized a presentation and brainstorming on several axes aimed at making recommendations for the development of the software sector supporting entrepreneurship in the Gaza Strip.


Gaza: A panel discussion on global market penetration and export of software was held between a high-level delegation from the German Development Agency , ,Pita is represented on the Board of Directors, Executive Management and more than 10 companies engaged in the outsourcing and export of software. During the meeting, the main ...


Ramallah - Gaza The General Assembly of the Federation of Information Systems Companies - Pita held its ordinary general meeting. The meeting was attended by companies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Dr. Hatem Sarhan and Etqan Law Association and Al-Wafaa Auditors Association. The meeting was opened by Dr. Yahya Al-Salqan, Chairman ...
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