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Gaza : In the framework of empowering women in the  ICT  sector  and  reducing the  barriers and  challenges  that  prevent  them  from gaining access to and participation in the digital revolution, PITA conducted a networking event in July. Networking meetings and knowledge sharing were held with West Bank institutions concerned ...


Gaza: Board of Directors received the D. Ahmed Abdel-Aal, Director of Erasmus Project at the University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza. During the meeting, they discussed the details of the joint project between the two parties and the possibility of integrating the portal with the portal that is being ...


Gaza : The Palestinian Information Systems Association  (Pita)  held a closing meeting to discuss ITIL outcomes , a global standard for   best practices in IT services management , where targeting 15 employees of the Gaza Strip. In the presence of a representative of the German Agency for Development (GIZ), participants ...


Gaza :  The Palestinian Information  Systems Association - ( Pita )  meets with a high level delegation  from the British Council  and a group of representatives of  the technology sector to discuss the importance of developing the English language in line with the global trend of  telecommuting as one of ...
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