“Pita” calls for the postponement of the Social Security

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“Pita” calls for the postponement of the Social Security

RAMALLAH : The palestine Information Systems Associatin (Pita) has called for the postponement of the implementation of the Social Security Law in order to preserve civil peace. The Union reiterated its firm support for social social protection, including the Social Security Law.
“In light of our follow-up to the details of this law in its present form, and many professional observations regarding it, and the gaps and ambiguity that some of its provisions have made, and the public opinion raised against it by most sectors of the Palestinian people, workers and employers, And we are keen not to characterize the popular compass on the major national issues at this pivotal stage of the struggle of the Palestinian people. We join the responsible opinion in the Palestinian street, which calls for postponing the implementation of the law. ”
The Union called for opening an in-depth dialogue with all affected sectors to include the executive regulations, the necessary amendments to the labor law and the gradual implementation of the law to reach a national consensus that meets the objectives of the existence of this law.

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